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도움이 필요하십니까?

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Spellman 전세계 생산 시설

세계 본부 미국뉴욕
Spellman Hauppauge, NY  
Spellman의 기업 본부는 뉴욕 주 호포지 시의 100,000 평방피트 규모의 건물에 자리잡고 있습니다. 업계 최대 전문 기술진의 본거지이자 세계 수준의 제조 시설입니다.
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미국 뉴욕 발할라
Spellman Valhalla, NY
30,000 평방피트에 달하는 Spellman의 뉴욕 발할라 엔지니어링 및 제조 시설은 뉴욕 호포지 소재 글로벌 본부와 협력하여 고객의 요구를 충족시킵니다.
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Spellman 멕시코 제2 플랜트
멕시코 마타모로스 
Spellman Plant 1, Mexico    
Spellman de Mexico 플랜트 2는 텍사스 경계 바로 남쪽의 Matamoros에 위치한 당사의 최신 생산 시설이다.
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Spellman 멕시코 제3 플랜트
멕시코 마타모로스 
Spellman Plant 2, Mexico
Spellman de Mexico 플랜트 3은 텍사스 경계 바로 남쪽의 Matamoros에 위치한 당사의 최신 생산 시설이다.
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Spellman High Voltage GmbH
독일 Bochum 소재
Spellman Bochum, Germany

Spellman GmbH는 의료 진단 X-선 발생기 K&S Röntgenwerk 브랜드를 설계, 생산 및 마케팅 한다.
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Spellman 영국
영국 웨스트 서섹스  
West Sussex, UK 
Spellman의 유럽 본부는 펄보로 소재 27,500 평방피트 규모에 달하는 현대적인 시설에 자리잡고 있습니다.
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Spellman 일본
Tokyo, Osaka and Saitama
Spellman Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
Spellman High Voltage Japan offers sales and service for the Asian market through three offices; Tokyo, Osaka and Saitama.
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Spellman High Voltage Electronics–중국
중국 쑤저우 산업 단지
Spellman Suzhou Idustrial Park, China
Spellman의 중국 영업 및 서비스 본부는 상하이에서 약 한 시간 떨어진 쑤저우 산업 단지 내에 있습니다.
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Spellman China
Beijing, China
Spellman High Voltage Electronics - Beijing
Spellman의 중국 북부 영업 본부는 북경의 Haidian 지역에 위치해 있다.
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한국 스펠만
Bupyeong-Gu, Incheon, Korea
한국 스펠만 하이볼테이지
인천에 위치한 1420 평방피트(153평방메터) 시설을 갖춘 한국 스펠만은 영업, 서비스, 관리, 기술 지원 등 부서가 운영되고 있습니다.
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Additional Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The following language is incorporated by reference into all Spellman HV Purchase Orders:

A. Hold Harmless. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold Buyer and its customers harmless from and against any and all claims and related costs, expenses and liability which arise from personal injury, death or property loss or damage caused by Seller’s performance under this contract or the Goods supplied by Seller, except to the extent that such injury, death, loss or damage is caused directly by the negligence of Buyer.

B. Drawings. All drawings, specifications, designs and data furnished by Seller to Buyer hereunder shall remain the property of Buyer and shall not be disclosed by Seller, and shall be used by Seller only as and to the extent required for Seller’s performance of this contract, unless otherwise approved by Buyer in writing. Upon completion of work by Seller under this contract and upon Buyer’s request, Seller shall promptly return to Buyer all such materials and data, together with all copies and reprints in Seller’s possession, and Seller shall make no further use of such materials or data.

C. Compliance with Applicable Law. Seller shall, in the performance of this contract, comply with all applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations.

D. Epidemic Failure Warranty. In addition to the warranties specified in this contract, Seller warrants all Goods against epidemic failure for the three year period following the date of the shipment of the Goods to Buyer’s customer. An epidemic failure shall mean the occurrence of the same or similar failure in any 20% of the Goods within a one year time period.

E. Counterfeit Parts Prevention. Seller warrants that no counterfeit materials will be used in the production, sales or repair of the Goods.

F. Conflict Minerals. U.S. law requires that companies disclose the use of certain minerals originating from conflict regions of the world. Suppliers to Buyer are required to commit to not utilizing conflict materials in goods sold to Buyer. By accepting this order from Buyer, the Seller agrees to this commitment.

G. Ethics. It is the policy of Buyer to conduct its business in an ethical manner, and in compliance with all applicable laws. Buyer’s expectation, and mandate, for its suppliers is that they will also conduct their business in a lawful, honest and ethical manner, and the Seller agrees to comply with this standard.

H. Sustainable Labor Practices. Buyer is committed to upholding the human rights of workers, and to treat them in accordance with standards established by the international community. Buyer has adopted sustainable labor standards in accordance with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalitions (EICC) Code of Ethical Conduct. For more information, please go to the EICC website and review their Code of Conduct. By accepting this order from Buyer, the Seller agrees to conform to such labor standards.

I. Environmental and Safety Policies. All work under this contract shall be performed by Seller in full compliance with all environmental, health and safety laws that apply to Seller’s manufacturing operation and workforce.

J. Reach. Seller agrees to notify Buyer if any Substances of Very High Concern (SHVC’s) are contained in the products.

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